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Ad Types
Ad Rates

240x60 to 330x80

Run-of-the-site, top right corner of header

$650 per year

$90 per month


Front Page Top:

$450 per year

$75 per month


Inner pages top:

$150 per year

$35 per month

Inner pages bottom:

$90 per year

$25 per month


Front Page:

$165-$250 per year

$25-$35 per month


Inner pages:

$65-$80 per year

$10-$25 per month

(Price range depends on location)

3-4 word text link (generally located in a low-view area)

Front Page:

$125 per year

$15 per month

Inner Page:

$60 per year

$10 per month

Featured Web Site

Front Page:

$300 per month

$75 per year

Run-of-the-Site Sponsor Text link in header


$300 per month

$75 per year